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Going North of the Norm

So What Does It Mean?

North of the Norm is a mindset, a way of viewing the world through our own lens, at our own pace, heeding the beat of our own drum. At UNC, we measure success by the quality of the journey, not just the importance of the destination. 

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We've been doing things this way for more than 130 years. Building communities and helping passionate and creative students to find their place, define their own path and lead successful lives. 

North of the Norm distills this spirit and drive into a memorable and distinct phrase. It's a statement of who we are and how we show up in the world.  

It's a not-so subtle nod to our physical location—a fast-growing and welcoming community just a short ride north of the state's capitol. Close to everything, but with plenty of room to stretch out and breathe. 

The evocative imagery, bold messaging and illustration serve as a literal reminder of what is and the joys of striving for what could be. It’s relishing our individuality in a world of increasingly cookie-cutter shaped, attention-hungry alternatives.

At the same time, it is honoring those who came before and blazed the trail for future generations to roll up their sleeves, do the hard work, have a little fun and leave things better than they found them.  

And it's a celebration that no single label defines us.

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Be Part of the Story

Share your UNC pride by downloading North of the Norm social graphics. Order a North of the Norm yard sign for your home or business. Engage with us on social media. Learn more about our academic programs and degrees. Sign up for a campus visit or join us at any of the hundreds of events during the year. 

WhereYou'll See it

We've been using North of the Norm since summer 2022, as part of our ongoing awareness and engagement marketing efforts. You'll find it on billboards, digital ads, streaming audio and video. You'll experience it on social media, our website and in printed marketing pieces. And you can see and hear it in our messaging and signage around campus. Chances are, you'll see it almost everywhere you look!